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Building Simple Smartphone Apps without coding

Please note this half-day course is running on the 19th April and 23rd April. Both workshops are the same, you need only attend one. Ever wanted to learn more about how mobile applications can be built? Are you coming from the business sector with questions about how...

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R for Transport Applications: Handling Big Data in a Spatial World

  This course teaches two skill-sets that are fundamental in modern transport research: programming and data analytics, with a focus on spatial data. Combining these enables powerful transport planning and analysis workflows for tackling a wide range of problems, including: How to effectively handle large...

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Explaining Brexit and Trump with Tidy data graphics

  2016 was an eventful year. The narrow votes in favour of Brexit in the UK and Trump in the US were a shock to many. You’ve probably heard commentators remark on the underlying causes for why people voted as they did. A familiar caricature is of blue collar disaffection (Leave and Trump) versus liberal, metropolitan...

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Festival of Interdisciplinary Research

The Festival will give you the opportunity to meet people from the University's Themes and Platforms which drive and support the development of interdisciplinary research. The event will showcase examples of how our researchers work across the disciplines to tackle global grand challenges and provide the chance to make new...

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Introduction to Python

This course will introduce the participants to the nascent field of Geographic Data Science using the industry standard, the Python programming language. We will cover the key steps involved in solving practical problems with spatial data: design, manipulation, exploration, and modelling. These topics will be explored from a...

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Progression beyond regression; using heterogeneous data in disease trajectories

The Leeds Institute for Data Analytics is pleased to present the following seminar in our series showcasing data analytics. The seminar will be held in Seminar Room 9.60, Level 9, Worsley building. Abstract In this talk we will introduce some of the key issues and challenges in modelling disease...

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Introduction to GIS and Spatial Analysis for Retail Applications

This one-day course provides an introduction to applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and spatial analysis in understanding retail sector dynamics. We focus on the visualisation and analysis of data related to retail supply (e.g. store catchments) and demand (including geodemographics) at national, regional and...

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Causal inference with observational data: challenges and pitfalls

This five-day summer school offers state-of-the-art training in the analysis of observational data for causal inference. By exploring the philosophy and utility of directed acyclic graphs (DAGs), participants will learn to recognise and avoid a range of common pitfalls in the analysis of complex causal relationships, including...

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Spatial Modelling for Retail Analytics

This one-day course introduces participants to sophisticated spatial analysis and spatial modelling approaches that can be used to understand retail sector dynamics. We focus on the analysis of complex interactions between retail demand (consumers) and the retail supply side (retail stores). The tools that we introduce are applied...

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