Programme lead: Professor Eva Morris, Leeds Institute of Cancer and Pathology

Each year in the UK, over 41,000 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer and 16,000 die from the disease. BCI UK is a research collaboration hosted by the University of Leeds, which works closely with Public Health England, to provide data and intelligence to inform research and care.

Although datasets already exist covering all aspects of care, which could be used to improve cancer outcomes, access for researchers to link and exploit these data is limited. BCI UK is robustly linking multiple electronic data sources to provide intelligence which will underpin patient choice and help reduce their risk of disease and access the best care.  Funded by Cancer Research UK, BCI UK is creating a secure data repository called CORECT-R which will contain data from across the cancer pathway of diagnosis, treatment and outcome.  This data will be available to all researchers who hold the necessary ethical and regulatory approvals.