MRC Medical Bioinformatics Centre

Medical Bioinformatics Centre

Funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC), the Centre develops new insights into the factors that drive disease, and provides indicators that inform treatment leading to better, more personalised and more effective medicine and healthcare.

It is part of the MRC’s £90m commitment to support informatics research, infrastructure and scientists, with the aim of building a sustainable capability in health and biomedical informatics in the UK.

The Centre is collaborating with a wide range of partners including business organisations (e.g. IBM, TPP Ltd.), health care providers at a national level (e.g. The Farr Institute, Cancer Research UK) and locally (e.g. Leeds NIHR, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust).

The Medical Bioinformatics Centre focuses on research at the interface between the clinic and high volume molecular and phenotypic data sets and links to pioneering work in the NHS on The Leeds Care Record, a unique resource which spans primary, secondary and social care boundaries.

Big Data and Health Research