250 Great Minds

250 Great Minds

Launched in 2014, Great Minds, the University’s biggest ever recruitment scheme was aimed at who have the potential to make a major contribution to the University’s academic performance and standing.  After successful completion of a structured five year development and induction programme they will be confirmed as an Associate Professor.

The appointments align to core disciplinary strengths and strategies but are typically based in strong cross disciplinary activity or emerging academic platforms and support the major external opportunities and themes for growth identified by the University.

In 2016 the university appointed over 76 outstanding individuals from across the globe, a number of which are aligned to LIDA:


Julie Aspden Biological Sciences j.aspden@leeds.ac.uk
Ron Chen Biological Sciences r.a.chen@leeds.ac.uk
Elizabeth Duncan Biological Sciences e.j.duncan@leeds.ac.uk
Niamh Forde Leeds Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine n.forde@leeds.ac.uk
Heather Ford Performance, visual arts & communications h.ford@leeds.ac.uk
Eva Heinen Transport Studies e.heinen@leeds.ac.uk
Antreas Kalli Molecular and Cellular Biology a.kalli@leeds.ac.uk
Carly Lightowlers Crime and Policing Data Analytics c.lightowlers@leeds.ac.uk
Robin Lovelace Transport Studies r.lovelace@leeds.ac.uk
Laura Matthews Cancer and pathology l.c.matthews@leeds.ac.uk
Richard Mann Statistics r.p.mann@leeds.ac.uk
Jessica Meyer Legacies of War j.k.meyer@leeds.ac.uk
Michelle Morris Health Informatics m.morris@leeds.ac.uk
Vincent Muller Theory and ethics of disruptive technology v.c.muller@leeds.ac.uk
Mary O’Connell Computational and Molecular Evolutionary Biology m.oconnell@leeds.ac.uk
Carlo Perrotta Digital Learning c.perrotta@leeds.ac.uk
Mar Pujades-Rodriguez Biomedical and Clinical Sciences m.d.m.pujadesrodriguez@leeds.ac.uk
Viktoria Spaiser Political Science Informatics v.spaiser@leeds.ac.uk
Mark Trigg Water related risk m.triggr@leeds.ac.uk
Paul Townend Institute of Computational & System Sciences p.m.townend@leeds.ac.uk
Lucy Ziegler Palliative Care l.e.ziegler@leeds.ac.uk

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