Annual Report

LIDA Annual Review 2019/2020

On 11th July, LIDA celebrated 5 years as a physical institute since opening its doors in 2015.  It’s a shame that there won’t have been many people in the building to mark the occasion, and we are sure that many of you will be looking forward along with us to that time when we can begin to assemble once more as a community.  Notwithstanding the considerable inconvenience of our current working situation, it is pleasing to reflect that the pandemic has had little or no effect in diluting the vibrancy of LIDA’s research, or the continued steady growth in our portfolio.  We are confident that this will be clear to all of our readers from the contents of this Annual Review.

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Annual Report 2018/19

“We have always considered our relationship with external partners from business, government, health and social care, and transport, to be a major strength of LIDA and key to ensuring that our research has real-world impact.

“I am extremely proud of LIDA’s success to date and I am very excited about how our research in data analytics and AI continues to shape the future.”

Professor Lisa Roberts
Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Research and Innovation, University of Leeds


You can now download our Annual Report 2018/19.