Meet The Team

Meet The Team

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Principal Investigators

Project Management

Patient Advisors

Data Services Team

Co-morbidities and Late Effects Team

Recurrence Team

Health Economics Team

Patient Reported Outcome Measures Team

Wider Team


Principal Investigators:

Dr Geoff Hall

Professor Adam Glaser 


Project Management:

Dr Kathleen Wright


Patient Advisors:

Barbara Woroncow

David Wilkinson


Data Services Team:

Samantha Crossfield

Adam Keeley


Co-morbidities and Late Effects Team:

Dr Kieran Zucker


Recurrence Team:

Dr Paul Baxter

Dr Ciarán McInerney


Health Economics Team:

Professor Chris Bojke

Dr Adam Martin

Professor Claire Hulme


Patient Reported Outcome Measures Team:

Dr Penny Wright

Professor Galina Velikova

Dr Gemma Clarke

Dr Elizabeth Stamp


Wider Team:

Linda Roberts

Dr John Parry

Dr Chris Bates

Dr Peter Hall

Thomas Flemming

Dr Jon Fistein

Professor Mike Bennett