DSDP Project Case Studies

2020-21 Project Case Studies

Models of readmission to intensive care units perform poorly in external validation

Published machine learning and other models do not accurately predict whether patients will be readmitted following discharge from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) 

Ben Cooper

surgeons operating in theatre
Hospital waiting room

AuguR: a scalable open-source interactive cancer analytics web application for routinely collected data

Providing health care professionals and hospital managers with interactive analytics for cancer outcomes and waiting time data.

Millie Wagstaff


New insights into workplace and retail dynamics for England and Wales

Developing a classification of commercial and employment land use in England and Wales using location and time-series data

Seb Heslin-Rees

open shop sign in door window
Person carrying out a home covid test

Local data spaces

Local Data Spaces co-designed a series of 10 reports alongside 25 Local Authorities using secured data held within the ONS Secure Research Service (SRS), extending analysis to all Local Authorities in England.

Simon Leech


Isolation and Exclusion in a Social Distancing COVID-19 World

A dashboard that identifies geographical areas which might experience increased isolation and exclusion as we leave the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns.

Rosalind Martin

person sat alone and isolated in room
positive covid test kit

Spatial analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic in Bradford Metropolitan District

Where in Bradford has been most vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Harry Tata


Low birthweight and ethnicity in the Bradford Better Start area

Low birthweight has been a longstanding issue in Bradford, and a hard one to tackle; the ethnic-specific trends described in this study can help policy makers and practitioners focus prevention efforts appropriately.

Alex Dalton

baby asleep
woman drawing on wall chart

Building and analysing cohorts within the OMOP common data model

Making clinical studies easier for the analyst, and faster for the clinician. 

James Lazurus


Children’s Urgent Care Provided in the Right Place Every Time

Can machine learning accurately predict the likelihood that children require paediatric treatment in hospital?    

Sam Relins

adult hand holding childs hand in hospital bed
tennager with head down on table

Bradford’s mental ill health epidemic

First a mental ill health epidemic, then a pandemic affecting access to mental health services – how have mental health referrals been impacted?

Maike Gatzlaff


Healthy Choices, Healthy Lives: The Local Food Environment – Holme Wood as a case study

This project developed a ‘proof of concept’ community toolkit to visualise food environment accessibility for a deprived community in Bradford, empowering local policymakers and residents to collaborate through evidence-based decision making.

Tom Albone

three takeaway shops in a row on street lit up at night