DSDP Project Case Studies

2021-22 Project Case Studies

Transport behaviours and attitudes towards potential Hanoi motorbike ban 2030

Why is it that in a Megacity with 8 million people, 90% of the vehicles driven are motorbikes? What are the underlying factors influencing individuals’ travel behaviors and attitudes towards a proposed motorbike ban?

Eric Wanjau

hanoi motorbike traffic

Comprehensive Spatial Modelling of the North (CoSMoNorth)

Building and calibrating a baseline urban simulation (or ‘digital twin’) of mobility and activity of the Northern Powerhouse region for further model development, exploration and application of social appraisal measures, and assessment of policy/infrastructure changes.

Indumini Ranatunga


Open access data for transport research: tools, modelling and simulation (OpenInfra) 

OpenStreetMap data has the potential to transform how transport infrastructure planning is done, yet currently its application for (accessible) active travel infrastructure planning is restricted due to the lack of more refined information about highway attributes. 

Greta Timaite

cycle lane

The Impact of COVID-19 on Cancer Referrals 

This study investigated the geodemographic attributes of patients most affected by the drop in the urgent cancer referrals pathway during the pandemic. 

Ifeanyi Chukwu


WatPop: Inferring dwelling occupancy patterns and identifying tourist dwellings using high temporal resolution water metering data

Dwelling-level water consumption data are a useful tool to identify tourist dwellings and to infer their occupancy patterns, with tremendous potential as a timely indicator of tourism activity

Jacob van Alwon

hanoi motorbike traffic

Dashboard created using R Shiny to investigate insights on a proposed motorbike ban in Hanoi

The dashboard will be used as a tool to import findings of the Hanoi travel survey from 26,000 households from the wider research team, so that they can be communicated to the policy makers in Vietnam in an interactive way, and thus inform decision-making about the ban.

Kristina Bratkova


Farmer schemes to improve and maintain the environment

Uptake of schemes encouraging farmers to help improve and maintain the environment varies across England, the main factors influencing uptake are having previous experience and how many hectares are farmed.

Matthew Walker