Digital Health Academy

Courses for Digital Health

LIDAs Digital Health Academy proposes to help provide access to training from a broad range of local providers, examples of which are listed below.

MSc in Data Science and Analytics

Our Data Science and Analytics Masters degree offers you the opportunity to develop a range of relevant skills including; analysing structured and unstructured data, analysing large datasets, critically evaluating results in context and getting insights from data.


MRes Data Science and Analytics for Health

Our Data Science and Analytics for Health MRes degree provides a comprehensive training in the management, modelling and interpretation of health and healthcare data used by clinical, behavioural and organisational sources.


MSc Health Informatics with Data Science

Our MSc offers recent graduates a deep and critical knowledge of health informatics and healthcare solutions. With modules tailored to industry need, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, you will have the opportunity to expand your knowledge and understanding of health informatics and health data science techniques.


MSc Precision Medicine: Genomics & Analytics

This unique course has been designed to directly meet the need for scientists with both biological knowledge and the computational, statistical and analytical skills to drive genomic precision medicine. You can expect to find work in the analytical genomics in industry, the NHS and academia.


Partner University Courses

Leeds Beckett University

University of Bradford

ELIXIR-UK DaSH project

The project aims to embed Research Data Management (RDM) know-how into UK universities and institutes by producing and delivering training in FAIR data stewardship using ELIXIR-UK knowledge and resources, such as the RDMkit and the FAIR Cookbook.


Digital Health Enterprise Zone

Digital Health Enterprise Zone (DHEZ) brings people together to develop digital health innovations that improve the lives of people living with long-term conditions. By creating relationships between students, researchers, businesses and health professionals we can develop projects that change how health and health care is delivered in the future.


University of Huddersfield