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Partner Event / 13th October 2022

Mobility and Health Workshop

In partnership with the Alan Turing Institute, the workshop will look at supporting healthy, inclusive travel and lifestyle choices using new data.

The event takes place on Thursday 13th October 2022 at the Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds.

Background and Objectives

The increasing awareness of health, safety, and climate challenges among the public has led to many changes in people’s travelling behaviours and lifestyle choices. How people travel and use urban space is highly associated with health, environmental outcomes, and social equality. Emerging data and methods now provide new bedrocks for understanding these relationships.

This workshop will demonstrate how new data and methods may be used to answer vital questions regarding health benefits and risks (e.g. transmission of COVID-19) of travelling and lifestyle choices, transport resilience, and the development of an inclusive, sustainable urban system. Participants will also have an opportunity to connect with a multidisciplinary community looking at these problems from different perspectives.

This workshop is open to academics, researchers, stakeholders and policy makers. There is (limited) funding available for ECRs (e.g. Ph.D. students, PDRAs, etc.) travel costs to attend the event, and please see the application form.

Topics of interest include and are not limited to

  • Socio-economic, health and environmental drivers/impacts of travelling and lifestyle choices;
  • Understanding the impacts of various crises and incidents (e.g. COVID-19, transport disruptions and climate change) on mobility and associated activity;
  • New data and models for mobility, health, safety, and urban analytics research;
  • Challenges and opportunities in open data and reproducible transport and health research;
  • Views on transport, health policy and sustainable urban development.

 Call for Abstracts
We welcome submissions of short abstracts (30-150 words) on ongoing or published work that aligned with the wider topics of interest.

The agenda will include a mixture of research presentations of mature work and flash presentations of early research or methods. We are delighted to confirm that keynote presentations will be given by:

  • Professor James Woodcock: Professor of Transport and Health Modelling, MRC Epidemiology Unit, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Professor Susan Grant-Muller: Chair in Technologies and Informatics, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, UK

 Important Dates

  • 3 October 2022 – Deadline for abstract submission
  • 5 October 2022 – Confirmation of acceptance of abstract
  • 7 October 2022 – Deadline for registration of attending in person
  • 11 October 2022 – Deadline for registration of attending online

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If you have any questions or comments, please contact: Yuanxuan Yang (y.yang6@leeds.ac.uk)


13th October 2022
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