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Tableau Workshop

CDRC Training
Monday 17 June 2019, 9:30am - 4:30pm
Leeds Institute for Data Analytics, Level 11, Worsley Building, University of Leeds, Clarendon Way, Leeds, LS2 9NL

Please note that only emails ending will be taken into account for bookings on this course.

This 1-day interactive course provides a practical introduction to data visualization with Tableau Desktop, an industry-leading visualization tool. You will learn how to create effective visualizations by avoiding common mistakes and how to use Tableau by creating visualizations that range from bar and line charts to heat maps and geographic maps. You'll then have the opportunity to apply your knowledge by tackling a series of data analysis ‘challenges’. The majority of the course will involve hands-on practical exercises.

Workshop Tutor

Roy Ruddle is Professor of Computing at the University of Leeds and Deputy Director for Research Technology at the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics. Roy has worked in both industry and academia, and specialises in research into new user interfaces and visualization techniques for high-definition workstation and Powerwall displays. His research spans application domains as diverse as web browsing, petrophysics and health, and his Leeds Virtual Microscope (LVM) is being commercialised by the healthcare company Roche. Roy currently leads the QuantiCode “Making Sense of Data” project that is funded by the EPSRC and has seven public sector and commercial partners from the health, retail and data centre sectors.


Is this course for me?

The workshop is open to academic staff and students only, irrespective of their level of knowledge on Tableau.

No prior knowledge is assumed for this course other than having basic IT skills. However, you will get the most out of the course if you complete in advance the Get Started tutorial ( You can download Tableau onto your own PC and obtain a free temporary licence (see or use it in the LIDA Training Room (Worsley 11.06), the Chemical Engineering IT Cluster or the Cohen A/B IT Cluster. The University is currently running Tableau Desktop 2018.1.



£70 - Students

£120 - Academic/ University staff

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Further information

Lunch and refreshments will be provided. For further information about this workshop, please contact Kylie Norman.