Current Opportunities

Deputy Director roles

Following the launch of its Strategic Plan, LIDA now wishes to enhance its senior academic leadership team through the establishment of three new 0.2FTE Deputy Directors. These roles, advertised simultaneously, will support Institute development in respect of Research & Innovation, Education & Training and Research Technology. Please note, these roles are only available to current academic staff at the University of Leeds.

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LIDA Deputy Director (Education & Training)

LIDA Deputy Director (Research Technology)

LIDA Deputy Director (Research & Innovation)

Application deadline: 13th May


CDT PhD Opportunities

The Centre for Data Analytics and Society is now recruiting its second cohort of students and currently has twenty projects available across the partner Universities.

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1. Applying Data Analytics to Comprehensive Linked Police Records (Sheffield)
2. Visualizing, Exploiting and Experiencing Global Data on Children’s Media Use (Sheffield)
3. Assessing the Cost of Road Traffic Casualties (Sheffield)
4. The Effect of Traffic Flow and Vehicle Speeds as a Determinant of Road Risk (Sheffield)
5. The urban analytics of “human weather” form and forecast (Liverpool)
6. Improving estimates of the relative risk of night-time economy (NTE) violence by integrating new forms of data (Liverpool)
7. Urban sensors: exploiting the opportunities (Liverpool)
8. Artificial Intelligence for traffic safety enhancement: Images, video feeds and sensors as new data sources (Liverpool)
9. Global Retail Centres and their Composition (Liverpool)
10. Data Fusion and a 2021 Global Census (Liverpool)
11. Can food purchase data inform us about food intake, food security and food sustainability? (Leeds)
12. Whole systems approach to obesity (Leeds)
13. An automated data analytics platform for forensic testing (Manchester)
14. Understanding the construction of metropolitan areas through data analytics: the case of GMCA (Manchester)
15. Integrating data and simulation towards a mobility services decision support system (Manchester)
16. Modelling of Passenger Clearance at the UK Border (with Border Force) (Sheffield)
17. Data assimilation for agent-based models (Leeds)
18. New methods of space-time data analysis to operationalise passively collected transport data on the route network (Leeds)
19. Towards data-driven policy development: the case of London’s built cycling infrastructure (Leeds)
20. Data anonymisation and data privacy for clinical trial data (Manchester)


Application deadline: 19th April 2018.