LIDA: Societies

LIDA: Societies


LIDA: Societies aims to become a world-leading knowledge centre in the application of, and innovation in, data analytics for social science.


We will operate through a focus on core ‘Societal Challenges’, directing multidisciplinary social science research around real-world, policy-relevant social issues, in close collaboration with external stakeholders. By bringing together diverse researchers from across the university and beyond to address relevant, common goals, LIDA: Societies will act to drive innovation in mixed methods and theoretically-grounded, solution-focused data science.


We will help develop these collaborations, building interdisciplinary capacity and translational capability through dialogue, training, workshops, and key primers in diverse methodologies and perspectives. LIDA: Societies will become a ‘gathering point’ for researchers and practitioners interested in using social and data science to respond to challenges facing society, and where new collaborations and ideas form across disciplines.


Our full working strategy for the community can be found here.

Our Societal Challenges (section TBC)


We are always looking for people to get involved and develop new activities – from quick presentations of datasets or methods, to formation of networks on common interests. See our longer list of activity ideas in our Strategy.

Leadership Team

If you are interested in getting involved, please email LIDA, Paul Evans or get in touch with one of our leadership team below.

Professor Ed Manley

Professor Susan Grant Muller

Professor Dan Birks