Millie Wagstaff – Project I

A Scalable Open-Source Interactive Cancer Analytics Web Application for Routinely Collected Data

Cancer data such as survival outcomes and waiting times are routinely collected across hospitals. Whilst organisations such as NHS Digital and Public Health England analyse these data, their outputs can take years to produce and provide limited information at a local or regional level. 

The aim of this project is to develop software that allows hospitals across Yorkshire and Humber to obtain immediate insights from their own cancer data. This involves developing an interactive web application and automated reports using open source R packages.  

The easy to use app will allow health care professionals and hospital managers to interact with, analyse and export waiting time and outcome data, soon after they are collected. Alongside this, automated data reports can be emailed to key decision makers within hospitals at regular time intervals. Together, their outputs can aid managerial oversight, improve understanding of clinical outcomes and be used to help inform patients. 

Overall, the app aims to enhance the utilisation of routinely-collected cancer data within hospitals across The Yorkshire and Humber Region. The app being based on nationally collected datasets and using open source tools, add the potential for scaling deployment nationally, ultimately leading to the improvement of patient care nationwide.