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British Neuroscience Association’s prestigious 2023 Credibility in Neuroscience Award win

Faisal, LIDA: Immersive Technologies Programme Lead, is the Principal Investigator on a major initiative focused on improving electroencephalography (EEG) research practices through revisiting some of the most highly influential EEG studies of psychological phenomena. Over the past 3 years, it has mobilised a global network of researchers to replicate a minimum of 20 of these studies.
EEG is one of the oldest and the most widely used investigation techniques in human cognitive neuroscience, providing a non-invasive and low-cost method of gathering insights into brain functions. However, there is a need to address factors undermining credibility: small sample sizes leading to underpowered experiments, non-uniform experimental designs that are almost never replicated from one publication to the next, the existence of substantial “experimenter degrees of freedom” in the analysis process and the fact that publicly sharing data and materials has been rare.
The #EEGManyLabs Project Team is playing a critical role in addressing these major issues and is setting a new standard for the field. Their project plan set out a vision to create a strong foundation for future EEG researchers and create a cultural shift towards inclusive, high-powered multi-lab collaborations. They are preregistering their analytical procedures and making use of Registered Reports. They have already gained the commitment of 132 teams to collect data from over 5,000 participants, have in-principal acceptance for one replication with three more under review. 
This project could generate one of the largest collections of open access neuroscience datasets in the world, with the potential to improve our understanding of the relationship between the EEG signal and cognitive function.In awarding the #EEGManyLabs project team this prize, the BNA judging panel was impressed by the demonstrable outcomes that their efforts have already had, and the potential for further impact to improve Credibility in Neuroscience on a global scale.