Uncategorised / Tuesday, 28 July, 2020

COVID 19 – Providing new insights to aid societal recovery

Earlier this year we announced our involvement in the Emergent Alliance – a not-for-profit community established to share data, expertise and resources to work together to aid economic recovery in 2020 and shape a new normal.

What is the Emergent Alliance?

The Emergent Alliance is a collaboration of large organisations, small businesses, institutes and individuals – founding members include Leeds Institute for Data Analytics, IBM, Google Cloud, The Data City, Truata, Rolls-Royce, Microsoft, ODI Leeds, SATAVIA, Fieldfisher and Whitespace.  Since launching in April we have added a further 29 members and our Alliance continues to grow globally.

Drawing on this diverse collaboration of corporates, individuals, NGOs and Governments, the Alliance will contribute expertise, data, and resources to inform decision making on regional and global economic challenges to aid societal recovery post Covid-19.

We want to have the ability to take a broad set of economic, behavioural and sentiment data, fuse it together and provide new insights and practical applications to the global Covid-19 response.

The models produced will identify lead indicators signalling economic recovery cycles that global businesses and government can use to build operating confidence in investment and activities that shorten or limit recessionary impacts.

Who and how can the Alliance help?

Governments, businesses and individuals around the world have been challenged by Covid-19 to act quickly, decisively and effectively using the best available scientific evidence and insight.

The Alliance provides a much-needed independent means of sourcing and shaping ideas regarding Covid-19 recovery and longer-term sustainability is required.

By mobilising skills, data and analytics from a wide range of organisations and institutions at a global scale, the Emergent Alliance can help to contribute to a step-change in the use of data to address the economic and social challenges which come in its wake.

The outputs from the alliance are intended to help understand economic implications and aid recovery, to provide insight beyond what is currently known.

LIDA’s role in the Alliance

LIDA has a number of roles within the Alliance, including:

Current Challenges

Activities are structured around a series of Challenge Statements, which articulate the social and economic problems to be addressed. The Alliance currently has four challenges underway:

As well as sharing results from challenges, members are asked to make their data available publicly wherever possible. There has been a lot of progress in curating data sets and sharing information through an online catalogue developed by Open Data Institute (ODI) Leeds.

Whilst the Emergent Alliance does focus on the recovery from Covid-19, its cross-industry collaboration model and practices for data sharing could be applied to any number of pre-existing societal challenges.