Leeds Data Science Society / Tuesday, 21 March, 2017

Leeds Team in Hiscox University Data Challenge

Lawrence Ning Lu, LIDA PhD Student and founder of the Leeds Data Science Society, is leading a team in the Hiscox University Data Challenge.

The ‘Hiscox University Data Challenge’ sees three teams from LSE, York and Leeds Universities compete to solve real world problems, giving Hiscox the opportunity to tap into creative and analytical minds with a different viewpoint to those currently working in the industry. For the students, they get to experience real world problem solving, access to industry experts, networking opportunities with current graduates on the scheme and potential Hiscox sponsorship.

The Challenges

The team have completed the first challenge, which saw them modelling the causes of railroad accidents in America and identifying factors that may increase liability.

They have now moved on to the second challenge which asks them to consider  what factors of success would look like for a start-up company.  For instance, ‘is there a ‘Silicon Valley effect?’  Does the age of the CEO influence a start-up’s success and how?

The Experience

The multidisciplinary team, which is made up of members from across multiple faculties, recently visited Hiscox offices in York to present the results of their first challenge to a senior team and also had the opportunity to network with the underwriters and analysts.

It’s not all hard work though, there was time for team bonding at Five Guys too.

Good luck to the team, we look forward to seeing their progress in the competition.

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