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LIDA Internship Opportunities


The Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA) is offering 6 internships to help to drive research activity across each of LIDA’s constituent areas: medical bioinformatics, consumer data research and multidisciplinary data analytics.

The LIDA internship programme provides an outstanding opportunity to develop skills that are in high demand, both nationally and globally, within a new, state-of-the-art facility.

Our offer to interns includes the chance to:

• Own delivery of a data science project and get hands-on technical experience using real data
• Establish links with project partners (internal or external) and work to provide solutions to real world challenges
• Build skills and knowledge in advanced analytics, not only through mentorship and applied research, but also through on-site training opportunities in statistical analysis, visualisation, research methods and computer programming
• Work alongside leading scholars as part of the LIDA team and gain valuable work experience

The Leeds Institute for Data Analytics bring together applied research groups and data scientists from a range of disciplinary backgrounds, all of whom are working with data and the latest technologies to generate exciting new evidence on human health and society.

Established in 2014 with major investments from the UK Research Councils and the University of Leeds, LIDA has developed state-of-the-art physical and IT infrastructures to raise the bar in standards of data quality, access, protection and exploitation. The twin pillars of LIDA are the ESRC funded Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) and MRC funded Medical Bioinformatics Centre. In addition, the Institute supports multidisciplinary projects drawn from across campus and involving external partners. LIDA already has an impressive track record of partnership working with the private, public and charitable sectors and looks set to become a northern powerhouse for research, civic engagement and business growth. The Institute is also investing significant resources in developing data science capability to ensure that the workforce has the skills to compete in the emerging and rapidly expanding area of data analytics. The Data Scientist Internship programme is very much at the heart of that investment and capacity-building objective.

We are looking for recent undergraduate or Master’s students in a relevant field who have excellent numerical skills that may have been gained in the context of quantitative social science, computing, mathematics/statistics, medical bioinformatics or population studies.