Turing-LIDA Data Study Group July 2021

Turing Data Study Group at LIDA

Turing Data Study Group at LIDA 2021

Data analytics and artificial intelligence are now essential tools in almost all organisations. Across 3 weeks in July 2021, LIDA in partnership with The Alan Turing Institute held an online Data Study Group (DSG) focused on urban, geospatial and consumer data. Six ‘data challenges’ were addressed by individual teams of approx 8 analytics and artificial intelligence experts from across the world. Following the Turing DSG model, the key purpose of the DSG was to provide solutions to critical business problems for challenge proposers. As well as a Challenge Owner, each challenge was appointed a Principal Investigator and a Facilitator.

This was the first DSG to be convened by LIDA and we would like to thank all the researchers and analysts and Challenge Owners that made the event such a resounding success. Over 70 data scientists, largely from academia but including some from the private sector, took part. The DSG was a truly international endeavour, engaging participants from across the world, from Mexico to India, Brazil to Switzerland.

The key findings together with recommendations for future work have been included in a series of six DSG reports prepared by the Challenge Principal Investigators and their teams in collaboration with the Challenge Owners. The reports can be viewed on the Turing website here.

We would also like to thank the many colleagues from across the University and Turing networks who provided invaluable support in the planning and delivery of the DSG.

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