Turing-LIDA Data Study Group – Call for Challenge Owners

Turing-LIDA Data Study Group 2021 

Apply now to become a Challenge Owner

The Turing-LIDA Data Study Group offers organisations a unique opportunity to test concepts and enable rapid exploration of ideas. A multi-disciplinary team of early-career researchers with quick, agile thinking are well-positioned for generating many potential avenues for investigation.

Many Challenge Owners who have participated in past DSGs have continued their engagement with the University and the Turing, through collaboration on research articles or conference abstracts, follow-up investigation of results and recommendations, or the recruitment of a DSG researcher. Follow the link below to submit your expression of interest.

What can a DSG offer Challenge Owners?

The DSG offers many opportunities for knowledge transfer and Challenge Owners are encouraged to be as involved as possible throughout the process. Challenge Owners work with PIs to develop the challenge and remain engaged with the researcher groups during the event. All insights, reasonings and methods are shared with Challenge Owners. The DSG is a great learning opportunity for those directly involved (i.e. Challenge Owners, Participants and PIs) and acts as a catalyst to stimulate wider learning at the Challenge Owner organisation.


  • Participation is free of charge, but proposing organisations need to commit staff time and resources to challenge focus and data preparation and are strongly encouraged to actively participate in the DSG.
  • A signed data sharing agreement will be required for DSG participation.
  • ‘Safe-haven’ data facilities can be provided for sensitive data sets (level of sensitivity subject to confirmation).
  • The DSG is a collaborative endeavour rather than a consultancy-type engagement. The challenge organisation sets the challenge but does not direct the conduct of the research.  However DSGs can often lead to more focused project activity, and we welcome the interest of organisations seeking broader long-term engagement.

To propose a challenge to the DSG please complete this Expression of Interest form and if your proposal is shortlisted we will be in touch. Please download the Call Guide at the link below for full details and our selection criteria. Please contact Rosaleen McDonnell r.a.mcdonnell@leeds.ac.uk should you have any queries.

Closing date: 16 April 2021. 

Click this link to download the DSG Call Guide.

Learn more about DSGs on the Alan Turing Institute website.