Paul Truman – Project I

Life Choices in Holme Wood: Drivers, Interventions and Outcomes

Everyone has to take decisions in their life, typically these are related to school, further studies, career choices, lifelong learning, societal choices (engaging with community, volunteering) and more. On taking these key life decisions, people are influenced by their environment (family, friends and wider) and in particular role models and success stories. This project will try to model the crucial life decisions taken by people of all ages in the Holme Wood estate in Bradford, what are the factors that influence these decisions and what are the outcomes. Based on this modelling, the impact of interventions, past and potential, will be evaluated.  

The project will provide tools that will allow stakeholders to understand how key life decisions are taken by young people in the Holme Wood estate. Moreover, the tools will have the potential to test targeted interventions that could change the dynamics that affect these decisions and the corresponding pathways in life. This will allow stakeholders to focus their resources into the right areas and at the right time so that their interventions have the best chances to succeed. The models and tools will be scalable and generalizable to other areas, increasing the potential to impact national policy.