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Catch! Citizens at the City’s Heart


The Catch! industrial research project brings together high growth SMEs, leading research centres, a world class transport consultancy and 5 forward thinking Local Authorities to launch a prototype, state-of-the-art real-time data service, based on ambient crowdsourcing. Poor planning, growing cities, shrinking budgets and pollution are compounding transport problems.

Meantime the explosion in smartphone ownership and app usage has created new ways to sense the world, weather, congestion and the movement of crowds. Catch! aims to produce an evidenced, data-based approach to solving transport related problems, feeding a collective intelligence so citizens have more personalised results.

Transport planners will benefit from more granular data, whilst citizens will have greater personalisation in the travel information provided. The granularity, breadth and timeliness of Catch! data will allow an evolution in analytical and visualisation techniques, yielding new insights into transport usage, demand and operation. Catch! will provide Local Authorities with rich detail on their transport systems so they can evaluate pinch points, identify trends and make more informed decisions.

Project Partners

  • InnovateUK
  • TravelAI Ltd
  • Avalon Behaviour Ventures Ltd
  • Elgin
  • Placr
  • University of Glasgow
  • University of Leeds
  • Transport Systems Catapult
  • Coventry City Council
  • Ipswich Borough Council
  • Leeds City Council
  • Newcastle City Council
  • Oxfordshire City Council