This project is being undertaken by one of our MSc GIS Students as a work placement forming part of their ‘Professional Development’ studies. Working with ‘Citizens and Communities’ and ‘Policy and Intelligence’ teams, we are supporting Leeds City Council (LCC) in evaluating and developing their community hub network. LCC have developed three pathfinder (pilot) community hubs which bring together front line council services plus partner services such as neighbourhood policing.

These hubs are designed to make integrated council and partner services accessible to communities whilst also generating cost savings. Following the success of these pathfinder hubs, plans have been developed for a further 16 sites, with scope for the network to grow to a total of around 35 hubs.

LCC recognises that this network should be driven by the needs of Leeds communities and this collaboration with LIDA seeks to use the consumer insight to help inform the development of the community hub concept. The project is making use of individual customer level enquiry data related to the pathfinder centres in order to understand centre usage and apply spatial modelling tools to determine community hub catchment areas. These tools are more commonly applied for retail location-based analysis and draw on the expertise of LIDA.