This project will be undertaken by an MSc GIS student as their research project/dissertation. Working with ‘Sport and Active Lifestyle’ and ‘Policy and Intelligence’ teams, we seek to add considerable consumer intelligence to support Leeds City Council (LCC) in analysing their gym membership customer base.

Leeds City Council operates 17 leisure centres providing Leeds citizens with access to 11 gyms, 14 swimming pools and a range of fitness classes, with a remit to support Leeds citizens in getting ‘more active’.

We will undertake spatial and geodemographic analysis of the gym membership and usage database, supporting LCC in making better use of these data which they routinely collect as part of service delivery.

In particular, we will provide small-area spatial detail related to membership uptake, usage and retention, and identify variations in membership rates and usage by accessibility to these services.

This insight will support LCC in promoting gym membership and ‘Leeds Let’s Get Active’ campaigns within specific localities and to particular community geodemographics via targeted marketing campaigns.