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Improving ovarian cancer care through AI


A team of research fellows led by Professor Geoff Hall is developing AI tools to support ovarian cancer research in Leeds. The work aims to...

Multi-disease pathways


With improved care and treatment, more individuals are living longer after their heart attack. Unfortunately this means that the chance of developing other conditions over...

Bringing pathology practice up to date


  Digital pathology is by no means a new practice; pathologists have had the ability to scan and digitise an entire pathology glass slide for...

Finding the bigger picture behind heart attacks


  The number of people surviving heart attacks has improved enormously in recent decades – but little is known about what happens to patients afterwards....

Melanoma and Big Data


Introduction All cancers are different. Some, arise from relatively well-understood changes (or mutations) in a patient’s genetic code. Melanoma, on the other hand, appears very differently...