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Clinical Services

Clinical pathways

Using NETIMIS to provide care pathway mapping as part of a service evaluation for giant cell arteritis within Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (Professor Ann Morgan; Mr Owen Johnson, University of Leeds, XLABs Ltd., Leeds)

Clinical audit

GCA steroid audit (Professor Raashid Luqmani)

GCA clinical pathways group: cross-hospital benchmarking and learning from each other to improve GCA diagnostic pathways in the NHS (Dr Sarah Mackie; Dr Alice Lorenzi, Consultant Rheumatologist, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Trust; Dr Jo Robson; Dr Vanessa Quick, Consultant Rheumatologist, Luton and Dunstable NHS Trust)

Training resources

Development of an educational package for clinical trainees relating to clinical diagnostic decision-making in patients with suspected GCA (Dr Sarah Mackie)


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