Artificial Intelligence Programme

Artificial Intelligence Programme

By Marc de Kamps, Programme Lead

The LIDA horizontal AI programme is starting this year. Artificial Intelligence is a field that is being pursued in many Schools and Institutes across campus and the range of topics is impressive. As the growth of this field has been organic, considerable expertise has been developed in individual Schools and research topics, which is not being shared at the moment. One key activity will be the mapping of AI related activities across campus, creating visibility for individual research groups and alerting others to potentially useful know-how available in Leeds.

Beyond responsive mode, several AI related calls are expected that will require the submission of larger proposals. The horizontal AI programme will serve as a forum for groups across the University that want to coordinate larger grant proposals in this area. Given the rapid developments in this field, there will be a monthly seminar that may consists of research tasks, but it might also contain overview talks of recent developments in the field, as the rapid development of the field and keeping track of this becomes a problem in its own right. The aim is to create an informal forum where anyone can bring in topics that they feel are worthy of broader attention within the University.

At the moment, the horizontal programme is coordinated by Marc de Kamps, Nishant Ravikumar, Zhiqiang Zhang and Leonid Bogachev.


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