About LIDA

Established in 2014, with major investments from the UK Research Councils and the University of Leeds, LIDA has developed state of the art physical and IT infrastructures to raise the bar in standards of data quality, access, protection and exploitation.

Over 90 research centres, programmes and projects are now based at the Institute and our infrastructure also supports in excess of £75 million research across the university.

Growing through support from a network of local and national collaborators, LIDA is becoming a major powerhouse for research, civic engagement and business growth in the North of England and beyond.

LIDA People

LIDA brings together over 150 researchers and data scientists within the University, from various disciplines including medicine, biological sciences, geography, transport studies, mathematics and many more.


LIDA Infrastructure

The Leeds Analytics Secure Environment for Research (LASER) is a cutting edge cloud based (Microsoft Azure) platform hosted in LIDA, designed to empower researchers and students to drive data analytics excellence at the University. LIDA’s research environment – including both secure offices and LASER platform – securely hosts data that are highly sensitive, personally identifiable or commercially sensitive


LIDA Co-Directors

Professor Mark Birkin, Co-Director of Leeds Institute for Data Analytics

Mark Birkin is Professor of Spatial Analysis and Policy in the School of Geography at the University of Leeds. He is a Principal Investigator in the Consumer Data Research Centre which is a National Centre in the Economic and Social Research Council’s Big Data Network.

He edits the journal Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy. His major interests are in simulating social and demographic change within cities and regions, and in understanding the impact of these changes on the need for services like housing, roads and hospitals, using techniques of microsimulation, agent-based modelling and GIS.


Professor Sir Alex Markham, Director of MRC Medical Bioinformatics Centre

Prof Sir Alex Markham is the founding director of the MRC Centre. He is a clinician interested in cancer, genetics and informatics and has undertaken national and international informatics leadership roles over the last decade.

As CEO of CR-UK, he established the NCRI Informatics Initiative in 2004, which helped UK research funders consider options in this area. He sat on the UKCRC Board, commissioning their Research Simulations Report to NHS Connecting for Health (CfH), which shaped the field.

He chaired the OSCHR Translational Medicine Board and sat on the Boards of NHS CfH (in its closure phase), the NHS Information Reporting Service and the HSCIC’s GP Extraction Service…


Professor Chris Gale, Chair of Cardiovascular Medicine at the Leeds Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine (LICAMM)

Qualifying in medicine at the London Hospital Medical College and obtaining a BSc (Hons) in Psychology, Professor Gale worked as a Junior Doctor at the Royal London Hospital. After becoming a Member of the Royal College of Physicians, he became a Medical Research Council Clinical Training Fellow and completed a PhD in molecular biology at the University of Leeds.

Speciality training in Cardiology was undertaken principally at the Leeds General Infirmary, where Professor Gale was a Walport and later a NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer…