LIDA Senior Management Team

LIDA Senior Management Team

The LIDA Senior Management Team supports the LIDA Director in executive decision-making and operational matters and is responsible for:

  • Determining and delivering LIDA’s Business Plan
  • Managing LIDA’s financial performance
  • Ensuring engagement with external partners and agencies
  • Overseeing operational management of LIDA staff, finance, information, IT, estates and health and safety
  • Monitoring the effective implementation of Information Governance processes and procedures

Dominic Frankis

LIDA Director of Operations

Professor Alex Frangi

LIDA Director of Research & Innovation

Monica Jones

Chief Data Officer: HDRUK Hub for Cancer DATA-CAN

Associate Director: HDRUK North Better Care Partnership

Executive Lead: YHCR Population Health Management

Professor Roy Ruddle

LIDA Deputy Director: Research Technology, Professor of Computing, School of Computing