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Education & Training

LIDA is investing significant resources in developing data science capability, at all levels, in both academia and industry – equipping academics with the skills to deliver impactful research and ensuring that the workforce has the skills to compete in the emerging and rapidly expanding area of data analytics.

Training Courses

View our short training courses.

Data Scientist Development Programme

Lead your own data science project and get hands-on experience using real data.

Masters Courses

Take the next step in your career with a masters course.

Research Degrees

Join UoL large and thriving postgraduate research community and work with leading experts and thinkers.

CDT - Data Analytics & Society

A Centre for Doctoral Training for society post-graduate research and training.

CDT - AI for Medical Diagnosis & Care

A Centre for Doctoral Training for Ai in Medical Diagnosis and Care

Meet the E&T Committee

The committee develops opportunities for pan faculty, multi-disciplinary data science and analytics education and training.

Upcoming Events

Understanding General Practitioners’ referral decisions for young patients with cancer symptoms: a qualitative study

As the likelihood of developing cancer rises with age, some NICE guidelines include age as one of the criteria to...

SciML Leeds Hackathon

Welcome to the SciML Leeds Hackathon! This exciting event will focus on using machine learning to identify the dominant ice-water...

LIDA Data Science Infrastructures Programme Workshop

LIDA will be hosting a workshop on infrastructures for data science, machine learning applications and cutting cloud/edge data infrastructures. This...

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