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There is a growing movement around the world to ensure the effective use of vast data collections to drive research, policy development and public good initiatives. LIDA brings together applied research groups and data scientists from all disciplines, opening up new opportunities to understand health and human behaviour and casting light on the action required to tackle a wide range of social and environmental problems.

Connecting academic research with external partners in business, government and the third sector; LIDA is matching the world class capabilities of University research with the needs and opportunities of local organisations.

Research & Innovation

Education & Training

Take that next step with our latest masters and PhDs in data science or begin your career by enrolling in our Data Scientist Development Programme. Our regular free seminars and evolving data science masters will keep you learning whatever level you're at.

Research Technology

Our specialist Data Analytics Team are here to support you and your research projects from start to finish, on our in-house Trusted Research Environment LASER, find out what they can do for you.

Latest news

Jenny Sexton Joins LIDA as First Data Science Lecturer 

Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA) is proud to announce the appointment of Jenny Sexton as its first Data Science Lecturer. This strategic appointment marks a significant milestone in LIDA's mission to expand its academic capabilities in the rapidly evolving field of data science.  Jenny Sexton brings with her a wealth of experience and expertise...

Our AI UK 2024 Top Picks

AI UK returned for 2024 with Team LIDA taking a field trip to Westminster to find out what was top of the AI agenda for The Alan Turing Institute. With representatives from the Data Analytics Team, Research & Innovation and Operations, everyone had a clear favourite from the the two-day event, from national defence and...

Celebrating innovative LIDA women

Research finds that certain groups (such as women, those from minority ethnic backgrounds and people with disabilities) are underrepresented in the data workforce. A lack of workforce diversity has the potential to amplify existing inequalities and prejudices. According to a Parliamentary report “Data science skills in the UK workforce” (UK Parliament Post)... The 2020 Ipsos...

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Upcoming events

Basic introduction to testing and writing packages in Python

During the session, attendees will go through some notebooks, run demos and understand why we need to test and why...

LIDA Health: Technical challenges in multimodal AI for EHRs & wearables

The application of AI to data from multiple sources, including health records, smart devices and video for monitoring patient health...

LIDA Health ECR Event: Grant Proposal Competition

Join us in this session to hear a variety of grant writing experiences from academics at different stages of their...

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