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There is a growing movement around the world to ensure the effective use of vast data collections to drive research, policy development and public good initiatives. LIDA brings together applied research groups and data scientists from all disciplines, opening up new opportunities to understand health and human behaviour and casting light on the action required to tackle a wide range of social and environmental problems.

Connecting academic research with external partners in business, government and the third sector; LIDA is matching the world class capabilities of University research with the needs and opportunities of local organisations.

Research & Innovation

Education & Training

Our regular free seminars and evolving data science masters will get you ready for that next step. Take that next step with our latest masters and PhDs in data science or begin your journey by enrolling in our Data Scientist Development Programme.

Research Technology

Our specialist Data Analytics Team are here to support you and your projects from start to finish, find out what they can do for you.

Latest news

A Reflection on the AI Safety Summit in the UK 

By Ifeanyi Chukwu, Research Software Technician The past few years have witnessed a tremendous surge in the influence of artificial intelligence (AI), driven by the widespread availability of high-performance computing machines that empower the development of robust AI models and tools. In fact, in 2023, it comes as no surprise that AI, has been named...

From Trash to Treasure: The Art of Recycling Household Technology

By Volodymyr (Vlad) Chapman What is the LIDA Upcycle / Recycle initiative? The initiative is a local take on Community Repair Cafes - fixing broken technology, repurposing old / unneeded tech and raising money for community causes. Motivation An accidental hobby of mine is self-sufficiency. Accidental because, previously, I would have happily paid full price for...

Driving diversity on digital courses

The University of Leeds is working with businesses to help even more students achieve their dreams of a career in data science and AI. As part of its commitment to widening access to under-represented groups through the Access and Student Success strategy, earlier this year the University won funding from the Office for Students to...

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Upcoming events

Chemotherapy Dose Intensity in AYA Germ Cell Tumors: Data Assessment

Delivered chemotherapy dose intensity in adolescent and young adult germ cell tumours in England: assessment of data quality and consistency...

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