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End-to-end support

The Data Analytics Team are the in-house, technical LASER support at LIDA. 

We provide end-to-end support from project conception to closure, and design personalised data environments tailored to your data and requirements. 

We are a team of dedicated specialists in data management, data analysis and software engineering, who collaborate with LIDA researchers across all stages of their projects.  

Our role is to manage secure research platforms, collaborate on research projects, and offer data analytics and information security expertise to researchers.

We are are highly experienced at collaborating with researchers across the research project life cycle in five key areas: 

Data Management

We’ve supported hundreds of research projects with database management and administration, using technologies such as SQL Server and Microsoft Azure. We manage the secure transfer, hosting and use of sensitive data in secure research environments at LIDA. 


Data Analytics

With years of academic experience on data-driven research projects, we collaborate with researchers on any data transformation, visualisation and analysis tasks. We can help implement statistical and machine learning methods using different programming languages such as R, Python and SQL. We can also help analyse datasets that are big or small, flat or relational, structured or heterogeneous, local or cloud-hosted. 


Research Software Engineering

We are aligned with and supported by a wider group of Research Software Engineers (RSEs) from the Research Computing Group at the University of Leeds. The RSEs work with academics to develop software and champion best practices for research software development in the university and wider academic community. Our RSEs can help if you are programming for the first time, want to improve your coding and documentation skills, discover new tools, access computing facilities, or you want to turn your code into a published software package. 


Information Governance

Our team includes data security experts who ensure that LIDA’s infrastructure of secure research environments and LIDA’s research management process (RMP) meets all necessary information governance and data protection requirements. We support researchers working with sensitive data to meet their regulatory requirements, such as EU GDPR, ISO27001 information security standard, the Data Security and Protection Toolkit and project specific Data Sharing Agreements.

Get in touch

If you’d like to hear more about LASER or the Data Analytics Team, send us an email at or request a free 30 minute consultation with a member of the team by clicking the button below.  

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