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It’s cheaper than you think, so you can spend money on other things important to your project. 

On average, a project on LASER costs just £1,000 a year.

Of the 60+ projects in 2023… 

  • 1/2 cost less than £50/month
  • 1/3 cost less than £25/month 

All monthly fees cover University Azure access fees and your unique support package from the in-house Data Analytics Team at LIDA. 

No middle-person fees, you only pay for what you need. 

Keep track of your costs in near real-time using the LASER dashboard and monitor your spending across your team.

What factors into your price

The TRE cost estimate is influenced by the following factors: 

  • Project Duration: The total duration of the project. 
  • Type and Size of Virtual Machine: The specifications of the Virtual Machine used for the project. 
  • Size of Shared Storage and Duration of Archive Storage: The amount of shared storage used during the project and the duration of archive storage. 
  • Presence or Absence of Azure SQL Databases: Whether Azure SQL Databases are utilized in the project. 
  • Azure AI Services: The usage of Azure AI services. 

The Azure costing is on a ‘Pay as you go’ basis, allowing you to pay for compute capacity by the second, enabling flexibility in usage on demand. 

LASER pricing structure

The following pricing structure provides an approximate cost based on the number of users, these are illustrative only and should not be used as actual figures in research funding bids. Other team sizes are available.

All LASER costs below are subject to additional charges from the Data Analytics Team for technical support.

Arrange a free 30 minute consultation to get more accurate costs, including tech support, for your proposal.