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Artificial Intelligence Programme

Who we are

We are a group of researchers with a broad interest in Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and their diverse applications. We are based in different Schools (Computing; Electrical Engineering; Mathematics) but we share a sense of commonality and emerging synergy in looking at different aspects of research in this field including computing, mathematics, engineering, environmental science, health/medicine, law, and even philosophy!

What we do

We are interested in developing efficient AI-based methods in the domains featured by complexity and uncertainty, involving images, networks, texts, time series data, big data bases, etc. The aim is to use to ML and AI to understand the behaviour of such systems and processes better (e.g. by identifying possible bottle-necks) and to make credible real-time forecasts. The ambition is to build intelligent monitoring and control systems to assist humans in evidence-based decision making to the extent of semi- or fully automated protocols. The challenge is to combine ML/AI algorithmic approaches with statistical modelling, thus getting one step closer to explainable AI.

We apply it to a variety of real-world problems across Health, Societies and Environment, and to study the computational nature of intelligence.

  • We run a mapping exercise where we will establish a comprehensive overview of the research and teaching activities in AI in Leeds.
  • We will run a monthly series of meetings in LIDA aimed fostering connections across campus. We hope that this will create a critical mass of researchers that are capable to put in bids for calls that require larger multidisciplinary consortia.
  • We will organise or join a number of social activities, centred around AI, aiming to provide a more informal way for keeping track of the rapid developments of the field.

Get involved

If you would like to know more and join our programme or are interested in volunteering to arrange events or even speak yourself, we’d love to hear from you.

Anyone, at any stage in their career can join and help foster these activities! PhD student, postdoc or seasoned professor, it doesn’t matter. Just drop one of us a message.

Dr Marc de Kamps

Founding Co-director
(School of Computing)

Dr Nishant Ravikumar

Founding Co-director
(School of Computing)

Dr Leonid Bogachev

Founding Co-director
(School of Mathematics)

Dr Zhiqang Zhang

Founding Co-director
(School of Electrical Engineering)