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Immersive Technologies Programme

Who we are

We are a group of researchers with an interest in Immersive Technologies such as Virtual and Augmented reality. We are based in different schools of the University, which look at different aspects of research in this field. From a computer science perspective we work on the rendering of images, interaction paradigms, and everything in the technological side of it. From psychology and cognition we look at perception, presence, immersion and the human side of it. We are Lecturers in our schools, members of different research groups, but we share interest in this field where we aim to collaborate.

What we do

We use Immersive Technologies to allow novel interaction paradigms to be develop, and look into new technologies and experiences that can be created from our research. We apply it to a variety of real-world problems across Health, Societies and Environment

We seek the latest advancements and use case cases for Immersive Technology by being involved in multidisciplinary research that motivates part of our methodologies.

We run regular workshops, seminars and events to ask question, learn from one another and share new use cases and ideas.

Get in touch

If you would like to know more and join our programme or are interested in volunteering to arrange events or even speak yourself, we’d love to hear from you.

We are planning a first workshop in October, where we will have a chance to talk about this area with people from the programme and different societies.

Rafael Kuffner dos Anjos

Founding Co-director
(School of Computing)

Faisal Mushtaq

Founding Co-director
(School of Psychology)

Available position

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