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Rebranding the LIDA Data Scientist Development Programme


The LIDA Data Science Internship Programme is dead, long live the LIDA Data Scientist Development Programme!

In recognition of the fantastic work performed by those enrolled on the Programme, LIDA has decided to rebrand its popular Data Science Internship Programme as the LIDA Data Scientist Development Programme and to change the role title of the Programme’s staff from ‘intern’ to ‘Data Scientist’.

Why have we rebranded the Programme?

  • LIDA is continually seeking opportunities to recognise the excellent work done by its staff, and this is perhaps especially important when it comes to supporting its early career researchers. The success of this Programme as a springboard into early career data science is down to the diligence and high calibre of data scientists it attracts. Thus far, we count that their work has produced 25 models or simulations, facilitated or strengthened 30 different LIDA partnerships, and resulted in 20 co-authored academic papers. Indeed, the most recent of these has been picked up by national and international news outlets. LIDA’s data scientists are doing great work and it is only right that this be recognised in their role titles.
  • The new Programme title is also more indicative of the fact that these data scientist roles are clearly defined training and development opportunities and that the ethos of the Programme is to foster and develop data science talent.
  • The former terminology of the Programme – ‘interns’ and ‘internship’ – was misleading, with applicants and project partners sometimes not realising that these are paid staff roles.



Since its inauguration in 2016, the Programme has so far employed 62 data scientists, each of whom has successfully gone on to a career in industry, the public sector, or further study through completing a PhD. Here is a selection of feedback we’ve received from them about their experiences on the Programme.


“The nature and scale of this project – and my conviction of the public good waiting to be unlocked by it – has become a source of daily inspiration for me. Additionally, I’m inspired by the fine blend of the interdisciplinary team that constitutes my project group, including data scientists that are healthcare and geospatial specialists. I’m inspired by the depth of knowledge and experience of my team, and am excited that they now double as my latest role models in data science.”

Ifeanyi Chukwu, 2021-22 LIDA Data Scientist


“In my projects, I have had the opportunity to talk to the City Council, UK and international universities, not-for-profit organisations and retailers. Speaking to people in a wide range of data roles has helped me to better understand the opportunities available in data science, and how roles interact with non-data scientists. With the breadth of projects and collaborators available across and in partnership with LIDA, the Programme is the place to be!”

Rosalind Martin, 2020-21 LIDA Data Scientist


“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at LIDA. The Programme is exactly what I needed to combine my PhD research skills with industry projects. I am confident I will finish this year perfectly positioned for my next career move.”

Kevin Minors, 2018-19 LIDA Data Scientist