Research Participant Privacy Notice for the QuantiCode Project

Research Participant Privacy Notice for the QuantiCode Project

Purpose of this Notice

This Notice supplements information that is provided in the University of Leeds Research Participant Privacy Notice (

Why do we process personal data?

The QuantiCode research project is developing novel data mining & visualization tools/techniques that will transform people’s ability to analyse data such as electronic health records, social care data and retail data. The project is multi-disciplinary, with academic researchers from computer science, maths, ethics, geography, and health. The project also involves seven external organisations (Bradford Institute for Health Research, Consumerdata Ltd, NHS Digital, J Sainsbury PLC, Leeds City Council, Leeds North Clinical Commissioning Group, AQL Ltd), who are interested in the research, contribute through meetings, identifying analysis use cases and requirements for the tools/techniques, and in some cases providing data extracts. None of the organisations have access to each other’s data.

Under GDPR article 6(1), the lawful basis for the processing is “public task” (research is a task in the public interest). Under article 9(2), the lawful basis for processing special category data is (j) Archiving, research and statistics (with a basis in law).

The main focus of QuantiCode is developing tools/techniques for investigating aspects of data quality (e.g., patterns of missing data and factors that affect diagnostic persistence for conditions such as diabetes that do not remit) and dividing people or activities into groups based on sequences of events (e.g., purchases or services provided). However, the project does not perform automated decision making or profiling to make decisions about people. The data extracts are used to guide the development, test scalability and evaluate the effectiveness of the tools/techniques in real-world scenarios.

What do we do with personal data?

The project does not transfer any of the data to third countries or international organisations.

Retention periods

The data is retained for the period specified in the data agreement with a given data provider.

About this privacy notice

This notice was last updated on 2 October 2020