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Health Community

The LIDA Health community has an inclusive remit for data intensive research in medicine and health across a broad range of interests ranging through epidemiology, electronic health records, genetic and molecular data, artificial intelligence to health service processes research and clinical trials. Our aims are to facilitate research projects, to provide a forum and collective voice for health data researchers, and to actively encourage collaboration across disciplines and clinical areas to address major societal problems and needs in relation to health and medicine.  Our work also has active links with work in the LIDA Societies and LIDA Environment communities.

This year the main activity was a series of three workshops with the broad aim of community formation and focus.   Three linked themes emerged, research into multiple long-term conditions, mental health, and the use of large molecular, genetic and imaging data sets in diagnosis and to direct treatment.  Alongside these was a desire to create links between different clinical areas and analytic specialities to address major societal issues and needs, including health inequality and the need to deliver precision medicine and health interventions specifically targeted to the needs, circumstances and characteristics of individuals.  These ideas are now being taken forward in working groups with the remit of designing ambitious research projects with high value and impact.