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LIDA: Health


From medical records to wearable technologies and personal genomics, the use of data to improve our health represents one of the greatest opportunities of the next decade. To realise this fully we need a broad range of multi-disciplinary researchers with skills in biomedical science, mathematics, statistics, computing and artificial intelligence.

Our mission

LIDA: Health aims to improve health and health care systems in our society using data driven methodology.

We are committed to multidisciplinary research directed at the most pressing health and medical problems of our time, and we work actively to create the teams needed to solve them. Integral to this mission is to support researchers’ needs in health data access, data governance, data analysis methodology and computational infrastructure.

What we do

We provide a network for researchers from a range of backgrounds and academic disciplines at the University of Leeds to collaborate and contribute to advancing state-of-the-art data science to tackle global health challenges.

Our priorities

  • Addressing the most pressing health needs of our society – We are working on cancer, rheumatology, cardiovascular disease, the treatment of people with multiple long-term conditions and mental health.
  • Providing the best treatment for the individual – Our projects consider how data can determine the best treatment for every individual, their disease and their circumstances.
  • Promoting early diagnosis and prevention – Data can help us spot health problems early before they become serious and when they are easier to treat.
  • Addressing health inequalities – Our projects use data to show us where and how age, sex, race, place and/or deprivation leads to worse health and treatment outcomes and suggest interventions for improvement.

Get in touch

Professor David Westhead

Founding Co-director

Dr Marlous Hall

Founding Co-director
(Clinical and Population Sciences Department, LICAMM)

Andrew Clegg

Founding Co-director
(Leeds Institute of Health Sciences)