Immersive Technologies Programme

Immersive Technologies Programme

This is a newly created programme which was organized this year, with preliminary work starting around June by Dr. Rafael Kuffner dos Anjos and Dr. Faisal Mushtaq. At this initial stage, we are focused on defining what “Immersive technologies” encompasses in the context of LIDA, and who in Leeds has research that falls within this area. We have an initial list of academics in this area from a previous survey, as Dr. Faisal Mushtaq who is part of the Centre for Immersive Technologies has carried one out recently. We are in the process of reviewing it.

To help answer these questions, we have two first activities planned. One first public set of talks at the Leeds digital festival. As a popular venue for people in Leeds (academics and industry) that are interested in Immersive technologies, our goal is to present aspects of our research to the community to attract external and internal interest in the research we are doing, and potentially identify more people who fall in this programme in Leeds.

The initial survey has identified that there is a very small focused research community on immersive technologies in Leeds, with the larger interest from academics being in their applications. Our second event is planned to be held in October, with the goal of allowing researchers in this programme to make connections, showcase what they are doing and what research directions could benefit different communities. This has the final objective of bringing up ideas that could be shaped into successful grant proposals.

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