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Inside the Turing-LIDA Data Study Group


The two-week Turing-LIDA Data Study Group (DSG) took place last month, with an incredible amount of data analysis and investigation undertaken in response to challenges set by six organisations (Challenge Owners). The reports detailing each team’s findings will be published in September. In the meantime, let’s take a look inside the DSG from three different...

Turing-LIDA Data Study Group – intensive and innovative collaboration addressing real-world problems


Monday 12th July saw the launch of an exciting two-week online Data Study Group, being held in partnership between LIDA and The Alan Turing Institute. Data Study Groups (DSG) are an incredible opportunity for organisations (Challenge Owners) to work with talented multi-disciplinary researchers on real-world data science challenges. Those challenges can be quickly and intensely...

My Data Scientist Internship at LIDA


Rosalind is one of the LIDA’s current Data Scientist Interns, with a background in Geography (BSc) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS MSc). I’ve always been a fan of physical geography, but as module choices expanded throughout my degrees I was increasingly drawn to (spatial) data modules. I love using GIS and coding to solve big...

Pilot trials to help change eating habits for good


What we choose to put into our shopping baskets and how we make those choices will come under the microscope in a series of pilot trials designed to encourage healthy and sustainable diets. Data analysts from the University of Leeds have joined forces with social impact organisation, the Institute of Grocery Distribution, to test different...

From Words to Numbers – Simple NLP Techniques to Unlock the Data in Free Text


One of the most exciting and fastest growing applications of machine learning is NLP – Natural Language Processing. From the virtual assistants in our phones to the spam filters hiding behind all of our email services, NLP is integral to many of the services and applications we use every day. Though the headline-grabbing applications can...

New paper – identifying dietary patterns in supermarket transaction data


Identifying dietary patterns in supermarket transaction data and their nutrient and socioeconomic profiles Poor diet is a leading cause of death in the United Kingdom (UK) and around the world. Methods to collect quality dietary information at scale for population research are time consuming, expensive and biased. Novel data sources offer potential to overcome these...

New Paper: Data considerations for the success of policy to restrict in‐store food promotions


Data considerations for the success of policy to restrict in‐store food promotions: A commentary from a food industry nutritionist consultation A recently published paper from LIDA researcher Vicki Jenneson discusses new plans to restrict in‐store price and location‐based promotions of less healthy foods and drinks in the UK aimed to encourage healthier choices. With responsibility for...

My Perspective on Hybrid Working: The New Normal?


Simon Leech is an intern on our Data Scientist Internship Programme – he is working on The Local Data Spaces Pilot project which aims to develop novel insight for Local Authorities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Consumer Data Research Centre asked him to share his experience of hybrid working during the pandemic.  ...

COVID for Christmas? Analysing patterns of Christmas mobility in the UK


Stuart Ross and George Breckenridge are part of the Data Scientist Internship Programme at Leeds Institute for Data Analytics. They are currently undertaking a joint 6-month research project examining patterns of mobility under the COVID-19 pandemic, funded by the Consumer Data Research Centre and supervised by Dr Mengdie Zhuang (UCL) and Prof Ed Manley (University...

LIDA announces partnership with Sainsbury’s


Leeds Institute for Data Analytics and Sainsbury’s have formalised a strategic partnership to deliver a programme of data intensive research projects in nutrition and health, property analytics, location analytics and e-commerce. Teams from both organisations will work together on challenges aligned with Sainsbury’s Net Zero strategy, which also offer the potential for academic advancement and...