Collaboration is key to the LIDA strategy and essential to the future of data analytics in the UK.  LIDA offers partnerships of mutual benefit.  The research community benefit from access to recently generated data which allows them to focus on current issues, making their research more impactful.  External partners benefit from co-produced research with shared interests as well as the development of a new generation of highly skilled data scientists to fill the existing talent gap.

LIDA Partners

Working with LIDA


LIDA is a trusted partner that offers secure data services, resources and expertise which can help you to derive additional value from the data you hold and further develop your internal data analytics capability.

Collaborative Projects:

Projects focused on finding practical solutions to the challenges faced by your organisation. LIDA will facilitate academics or students to undertake an extended period of work on a project in line with your business needs, working with or alongside your team.

LIDA Data Services Team:

LIDA has a dedicated team of data focused analysts who support and provide guidance to researchers and data partners in all stages of the data intensive research lifecycle.  The team have expertise in systems and database administration, data management, software engineering and ‘data science’.

Collaborative working space:

The LIDA facility is a collaborative working space which allows the Big Data community to come together under one roof to explore innovative research themes, identify and execute new projects, and enhance data skills through training and interaction.

High Performance Computing Facilities:

LIDA offers partners access to leading-edge IT resources to undertake research for mutual benefit. The main workhorse of the current provision comprises a >400-core AMD Opteron Cluster ‘Everest’ which enables techniques such as computational simulation and modelling, storage and manipulation of large datasets and other models to pursue research which otherwise could not be investigated.

For more information or to discuss how your organisation can benefit from working with LIDA please contact