Research at LIDA

Research at LIDA

We conduct inter-disciplinary and impact-oriented research that address regional, national and global challenges, by applying cutting-edge data science, machine learning and AI to real-world problems.

Our portfolio of data analytics research and innovation projects is worth over £60 million, with multi-disciplinary communities of over 280 researchers engaged across different programmes and specialist interest areas.

LIDA’s research communities are currently focused on three main challenge areas that require interdisciplinary working: Societies, Health and Environment.

Supporting these communities are four cross cutting programmes of work that focus on exploiting and developing our capabilities and capacity within four key methodological data analytics areas ; Statistical Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Immersive Technologies, underpinned by technical Infrastructure and expertise.

Our Communities

You can find out more about our data analytics research communities and how to meet and collaborate on exciting new projects here…

Our Programmes

Our programmes of work cut across each of our communities, providing a blend of different research methods and technology for any real-world problem.

Statistical Data Science

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Artificial Intelligence


Immersive Technologies


Data Science Infrastructures