Research at LIDA


The fundamental goal for our research is to build foundations for a future where the utilisation of data is a major driver of prosperity and well-being.

At LIDA we will deliver our ambitious vision by conducting inter-disciplinary and impact-oriented research that addresses regional, national and global challenges, by applying cutting-edge science to real-world problems. While always recognising the important legal, ethical and societal implications of these techniques. This research, delivered with our partners is focused around our three key themes of Health Informatics, Urban Analytics and Statistical and Mathematical Methods and will have a beneficial impact for science, society and the economy.

Research Centres at LIDA

MRC Medical Bioinformatics Centre

The MRC Medical Bioinformatics Centre (MBC) aims to create and sustain the infrastructure, facilities, understanding and culture changes to enable ground-breaking research and productive bioinformatics research at the interface between clinic, health records and high volume molecular and phenotypic data sets.


ESRC Consumer Data Research Centre

The £11m ESRC Consumer Data Research Centre is led by the University of Leeds and UCL, with partners at the Universities of Liverpool and Oxford. The Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) creates, supplies and maintains data for a wide range of users.  We work with private and public data suppliers to ensure the efficient, effective and safe use of data in social science.