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Leeds Digital Festival – The Data Analytics Team top picks

Trusted Research Environment

Leeds Digital Festival is back this month with some of the most exciting tech and data organisations in the region delivering talks, demonstrations, workshops and networking opportunities.

One of those talks is our very own Data Analytics Team showing us their prized LASER platform, a trusted research environment here at the University of Leeds. While this is a hotly anticipated talk of the series, we asked the team what other events they’re looking forward to over the festival.

So here they are, the Data Analytics Team’s top picks…

Team member - Adam Keeley, DAT Manager
Top pick - ‘Digitally Overloaded: Taking a Data-Led Approach to Future of Work’

"Many of us, myself included, have fully embraced hybrid working and feel fortunate that we have been afforded the privilege. While remote working has had a huge positive impact on my work-life balance it’s sometimes easy to ignore, or disregard, some of the negative impacts. For example how it takes more effort to maintain healthy working relationships when interaction is entirely online. I feel it’s important we recognise the need to (re)learn how to be healthy, and I love a data led approach!"

Team member - Ifeanyi Chukwu, Research Software Technician
Top pick - Humanity is Broken

"Anything Artificial Intelligence fascinates me, especially as humanity has reached the era of exponential explosion in AI development. I want to understand how humanity will thrive or struggle as we approach the ‘Singularity’ in AI. Are we faced with a utopian future where most of humanity's problems as we know them today will be solved by machines? Or a dystopian one where all the agencies of humans will be overtaken by machines with totalitarian tendencies? I can’t wait to listen to Nelly dissert the concepts of Cyborgs in the Humanity is Broken talk at the Leeds Digital Festival."

Team member - Chris Andrew, Research Software Engineer
Top pick - MMT Architecture Katas

"For some of us software developers, designing systems architecture has traditionally been a 'them' job, but in this era of the cloud the boundaries have become more and more blurred.

We need to think more macro, and this Kata is a perfect opportunity to be thrown in the deep end with no real-world consequence: there's no better way to learn."

Team member - Fojan Ilderem, Research Software Technician
Top pick - Social Engineering: Your Biggest Cyber Threat

"This event is essential in today’s digital landscape, where cyber threats continue to evolve rapidly. I’m particularly eager to explore the latest tools and technologies used to defend against these threats. Understanding the psychology behind social engineering, along with practical tools for the thread detection and prevention, is crucial.

In an age where data breaches and cyber crimes are prevalent, the knowledge gained here will not only bolster personal security but also contribute to a safer online world."

And of course, the favourite…

Bridging Trust & Research: Exploring the secrets of a secure environment
Leeds Institute for Data Analytics

Our trusted research environment, LASER, is enabling and empowering research that would otherwise be untenable with partners such as the NHS, Leeds City Council, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons, Office for National Statistics, regional police constabularies and the Parole Board.

It allows for international collaboration on data that is unable to leave the UK, providing assurances to both public and private sector partners that their data is safe. Managed and supported by LIDA’s Data Analytics Team, our research software engineers provide expert advice and technical skills to enhance research.

In this session the team will give a tour of LASER; what it is, how it works and a taste of what it’s been used to achieve so far. Join us to find out how LASER can empower your collaborations with the University of Leeds.

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