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New research ranks Leeds as a top UK health research and innovation hub  


Leeds’ strengths as a leading UK city and global player for health research and innovation are confirmed in a new, independent research report.  

Pursuing Excellence, commissioned by Leeds Academic Health Partnership (LAHP), analyses the strengths and opportunities within the Leeds health and care research and innovation ecosystem, of which Leeds Institute for Data Analytics is a part.  

Benchmarking against similar UK and international cities, the report shows that Leeds is a leading UK location for health and care research and innovation and is already competing internationally as a healthtech start-up hub.  

Top findings 

Strong, long-term commitment to health and care research and innovation 
1   A centre for health and care research and innovation since the early 1900s.  
2   A clear priority for policy development over the past 20 years.  
3   A more vibrant and better-connected ecosystem than ever before.  
A national magnet for health and care research and innovation funding 
4   More than £200m in health and care research and innovation awards.  
5   Almost £80m in NIHR funding for research and infrastructure since 2018.  
6   Home to six of the nine NIHR translational research centres and initiatives across West Yorkshire.  
At the innovation heart of a growing healthtech industry sector as home to 
7   More than half of all regional healthtech businesses. (144 of 250).  
8   All of the top 10 investment raising companies.  
9   9 of the top 10 investors in research and development.  
An increasingly attractive location for national and international investment 
10   Ranked 2nd internationally for private investment in innovative wellness companies.    
11   £12m in foreign direct investment by healthtech software, IT and AI companies   
12   Ranked 3rd internationally as a location for healthtech companies  


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