Working with LIDA


LIDA is a trusted partner that offers secure data services, resources and expertise which can help you to derive additional value from the data you hold and further develop your internal data analytics capability.


Partners can co-locate their staff within the institute, either permanently or for a defined period relating to a particular project or activity. Whilst working at the Institute, colleagues benefit from direct access to members of the academic and technical teams, whilst also making use of our facilities, including the Integrated Research Campus.


The Data Analytics Team

The Data Analytics Team (DAT) is a group of specialists in data management, data analysis and software engineering, who collaborate with LIDA researchers across all stages of their projects. The team has a central role in LIDA, managing the secure research platforms, collaborating on research projects, and offering data analytics and, in collaboration with Information Governance information security expertise to researchers. 

The Data Analytics Team can collaborate with you in several ways:

·         As is necessary for a secure research environment, they will oversee all file imports/exports to and from the environment, via secure file transfer.

·         They can also assist with data de-identification, linkage, queries, data cleaning, transformations and feature engineering.

·         They can also assist with data analysis, visualisation, statistical testing and predictive modelling – as well as related research software engineering.



Data Science Internship Programme

Our Data Scientist Intern programme enables partners to test new ideas, methods and techniques before committing to a longer term programme of work.

As an intern project sponsor, our partners set the project brief and then receive regular updates and a final report from the intern and their academic supervisors.

Sponsorship of PhD Projects

Sponsorship of PhD projects for longer term research, enabling partners to access skills, strategic advice, data and networks.

As a PhD project sponsor, our partners work with the academic supervisors to set the initial brief and remain engaged to help steer and inform the project throughout its duration.

Guest Lectures

Guest lectures and masterclasses cover both real world applications of data analytics and related career opportunities and enable partners to help shape the skills of the future workforce.

Training and Professional Development

Our programme of short courses are open to our partners and we can also meet bespoke training requirements.


LIDA Partners

We believe in innovation through collaboration and work closely with a wide range of data partners in the public, private and third sectors to ensure the Institute’s academic expertise is channelled towards addressing real-world challenges.


For more information or to discuss how your organisation can benefit from working with LIDA please contact