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Centre for Doctoral Training: Data Analytics and Society

The Centre for Doctoral Training in Data Analytics and Society, established in 2017 and in phase 2 since 2020, has been a transformative force in the field of data analytics. Its latest milestone is the launch of its seventh and final cohort, which began in October 2023, consisting of 21 students, with five starting at the University of Leeds.

Since its inception, the centre has funded a total of 120 students, shaping them into the future leaders of data analytics. These students have not only honed their skills but have also worked on innovative solutions for real-world problems.

What sets this centre apart is its extensive collaboration with external partners. We have engaged with 91 organisations, allowing students to work on projects with practical implications. These partnerships extend beyond knowledge sharing, with 62 partners contributing monetary donations, alongside valuable in-kind support, amounting to £1.1 million. This funding underscores the impact of the centre's work.

The legacy of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Data Analytics and Society is undeniable. It has cultivated a community of data enthusiasts committed to making a difference in academia and industry. The centre represents a dedication to advancing data analytics, a field increasingly integral to our understanding of the world.

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