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Using aspirin to prevent cancer

, 11am - 12pm

Speaker bio: Dr Kelly Lloyd is a Research Fellow working in the area of behavioural oncology research at the Leeds Institute of Health Sciences. Her PhD focused on decision-making on aspirin for colorectal cancer prevention among people with Lynch syndrome and the general public, and the decision to prescribe or recommend aspirin among healthcare professionals....

Making your data visualisations more effective

, 12:30am - 2:30pm

Good data visualisation requires appreciation and careful consideration of the technical aspects of data presentation. But it also involves a creative element. Authorial choices are made about the “story” we want to tell, and design decisions are driven by the need to convey that story most effectively to our audience. Software systems use default settings...

Perceptual reality is not as it seems

, 2 - 3pm

Host: Carlo Campagnoli Speaker: Fulvio Domini, Professor at Brown University (Dept of Cognitive, Linguistic and Psychological Sciences.) Abstract: VR and XR technologies are making incredible advances in creating a visual stimulation that closely resemble what is experienced in our daily life. Realistic and high-resolution immersive displays not only have the capability of offering affordable alternative entertainment, but...

Understanding complex inequalities through language research

, 1 - 3pm

Language@Leeds is a University-wide interdisciplinary network for language research. Our work tackles key societal questions through the rigorous study of language, using diverse methods and approaches, e.g., from experimental methods and natural language processing to ethnography and multimodal analysis. Language can be a vehicle of social inclusion or exclusion in many contexts; in this event...

App-Based Intervention to Promote Walking in UK Cancer Patients

, 11:30am - 12:30pm

Speaker: Dr Fiona Kennedy, Leeds Institute of Health Sciences Summary: Increased moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) can improve clinical and psychosocial outcomes for people living with and beyond cancer (LWBC). APPROACH is funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research and the grant covers both a pilot study and a full scale RCT. The pilot RCT assessed the feasibility...