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CDRC welcomes 50 new MSc Students


CDRC Director, Professor Mark Birkin, recently welcomed 50 new students to the Consumer Data Research Centre.  The students, who visited the Centre for the first time, are studying on the new MSc Consumer Analytics and Marketing Strategy course.

Taught by leading academics from the University of Leeds, the course explores a range of analytical techniques including applied Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and retail modelling, consumer and predictive analytics and data visualisation.

Throughout the course the students will also focus on developing the softer skills to use the results of these analyses to inform decisions about marketing strategy.

The academic team leading the course – Prof Matthew Robson, Dr Andy Newing & Dr Yeyi Liu – highlighted some of the key opportunities for students in the coming year:

Delivering a fresh and exciting MSc

Prof Matthew Robson: “There are no other postgraduate programmes currently combining consumer science with marketing strategy. Our new MSc is fresh and exciting in its combination of consumer analytics content (largely provided by the School of Geography), with marketing strategy knowledge (provided by the Marketing Division of the Business School).”

Developing relevant skills and knowledge

Dr Yeyi Liu: “Students can expect to gain relevant marketing knowledge including understanding consumer behaviour, developing marketing strategy and designing integrated marketing communications. They will gain important analytical skills, including customer data analysis, predictive analysis and effective decision making.”

Gaining ‘hands on’ experience

Dr Andy Newing:We firmly believe that it is important for our students to gain ‘hands on’ experience. They will work with examples of real consumer data and realistic business scenarios throughout the course. In Semester 2 we offer a taught module, Marketing Research Consultancy Project, which gives students the opportunity to work in small groups on a live project or problem set by our partner firms. Students can also opt to complete their summer research project (dissertation) as a consultancy project working with an external company, using skills from the course to address a practical problem for that organisation. This could include developing a marketing strategy, identifying opportunities for a company to expand its store network, or evaluating potential new markets in which to launch a new product or store.”

The full interview with the academic team and further information on the 2017 course can be found here.