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LIDA Annual Showcase 2023


I’m delighted to share with you our LIDA Annual Showcase 2023, in it you’ll find a series of case studies, videos and commentaries from across our Research and Innovation, Education and Training and Research Technology portfolios.

As you are aware, LIDA’s overarching vision, strongly aligned to the University’s academic strategy for the period 2020-2030: Universal Values, Global Change, is to generate societal impact and improve global well-being and prosperity through internationally outstanding research, education and training in interdisciplinary data science and artificial intelligence.

To deliver this vision, LIDA continues to place itself at the heart of the University of Leeds’ pan-faculty data science and AI community, ensuring staff and students develop and accelerate their roles and outputs for data orientated societal benefit in local, national and international arenas.

It’s been a fascinating year of data science and AI across the globe with machine learning tools entering the mainstream media and general mass-use, for the first time. I must say that I have enjoyed seeing your research applications come to fruition, endeavouring to solve real-world problems with real-world data. The Annual Showcase highlights just some of the diverse, high impact and inspiring work that has been delivered in LIDA over the last year, by data and AI scientists from across the University.

I would like to thank all of you whose work is featured in the showcase and our wider community, for all your work over this last year and continuing to help LIDA, data science and AI make a positive difference in the world.

Read the LIDA Annual Showcase 2023

Chris Gale,

LIDA Co-Director,
Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine